'No Man, No Machine can correct or create Vitality, Power or Health for you; everything comes from within, You have to unfold it.' Joseph Pilates 

Cotswold Pilates is run exclusively by Body Control Pilates instructors, the benchmark for safe and effective teaching of the highest quality across Europe. Tried and trusted in the Cotswolds since 2005, we are a growing family business built on serving our clients and on personal recommendations, something we are immensely proud of. 

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This is Pilates as it was originally designed by the man himself .  It can be fun to be part of a regular group and paying up front for the course guarantees your place in your chosen class each week, and means you are more likely to attend regularly.

Group Mat Work classes are an affordable and accessible way to practice Pilates regularly. Mat work is performed on the floor using a mat and sometimes small equipment such as bands, rollers and magic circles.  Mixed group classes are run in Blockley, Broadway, Stanton, Clanfield (near Bampton), and we have a men only class in Broadwell.  Classes have a maximum of 12 clients, and each class is unique because of the people who attend it. The defining feature of a group mat work class is that all the participants perform the same (or similar) exercise, with one instructor demonstrating, cueing and correcting. The limitations of group mat work is that to an extent the exercises are generic (although still wonderful) to the majority needs of that specific class and of course the instructor is more limited in the time available to correct clients individually. On the plus side, group classes are cheaper and more social.



A bespoke service where exercises are tailored to your own needs and goals

For clients with specific needs or goals, private mat work means the focus is all on you. We can set specific and appropriate goals for you to work on and part of the private service includes a tailor made exercise programme to work on at home or the gym. Private classes are popular with couples wanting to exercise together, clients whose schedule makes it difficult to attend regular classes or for clients who are new to Pilates and want to make sure they understand the technique properly before joining a group class.  Some clients who regularly attend a class choose to have the occasional private session to work on something that is specific to them or to perfect their technique. Private and semi private lessons are usually held at the Cotswold Pilates studio in Little Compton.  Regular private lessons in a clients home are sometimes possible.


With the benefits of a private class where your own individual needs can be the focus, the reformer will help you acheive movements and exercises that you would find too challenging in a mat class. You may find the reformer suits you as a stand alone exercise routine or you may use reformer classes to advance your ability in your regular mat work sessions.

A reformer can help clients to perform exercises that they would find to challenging without the support of the reformer, in doing so the body will pattern the movement and in time the exercise will be possible during a mat work session.The Reformer is a piece of equipment which looks like a cross between a rowing machine and a bed. Springs are used as resistance along with ropes with hand and foot straps on the end. The springs serve to make the exercises easier by assisting the movement or harder, by resisting it.  The amount of spring resistance used can also change which muscles are recruited for a specific exercise.  Another interesting and useful feature of a reformer is the jump board.  This can be used to add a cardio session to your lesson, the jump board allows you to jump in a lying down position and therefore can help to strengthen the legs and get the heart rate up without gravity impacting the joints as it would if you were to jump in a vertical position.


Whether you are wanting to realise your unfulfilled dreams of being a ballet dancer or you are looking for an exercise class that combines the benefits of Pilates with a cardio element then Barre is a fun choice. 

Barre is a mixture of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga.  After a warm up, the class involves about 35 minutes of Barre ballet exercises performed in time to modern dance music.  These exercises work by overloading the muscles in the feet, legs and bottom, which, with regular practise will develop and strengthen these muscles giving them power and definition. The remainder of the class focuses on Mat work Pilates strengthening exercises for the upper body and abdominal muscles and we finish with some wonderful yoga type stretches.  This is a fantastic all over body workout which is suitable for all levels of fitness, however it may well not suit people with knee problems, an understanding of working from a strong and stable core is beneficial and previous pilates experience is very helpful. You will work muscles you didn't know you had.


What our Client's say...



I have long standing knee, shoulder and back issues and decided to give Pilates a try. Since starting with Cotswold Pilates in 2011, the strength ad mobility in these joints have improved significantly. Rebecca and Michele tailor the classes to meet everyone's needs. They take great care of us, repeatedly checking that we are all feeling ok and stressing not to do a particular exercise if it causes pain. Without these sessions I would not be as fit and mobile as I am. And, they make the classes fun!


The Cotswolds

Rebecca : 07734 934751 | Michele : 07929 035262

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Rebecca : 07734 934751 | Michele : 07929 035262

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